The 2010 NFL season has begun with a bang. There’s already been a couple of major upsets and just to keep things interesting there’s plenty of new faces in the lineups. How are you to be sure you’ll have some of the top NFL picks this season? Success lies in solid research. Some people are lucky and can just pull their NFL picks out of thin air. But eventually, this method will fail.

Taking a good look at all the stats each week is the best way to ensure your success in football picks. It’s actually a fine art. The statistics for all the players and teams are easily available. Taking a บ้านผลบอล little bit of time to research will give you the best chances at solid NFL picks. Keeping up with team stats can be quite a task; but it is well worth it. Knowing your football picks running stats will keep you ahead of the betting game. Eventually, it will pay off.

Of course you will want to research the common stats on players and teams before making your football picks. Yards gained and points made are important points to consider for the offense. Forced turnovers, quarterback sacks and tackles are key things to consider for the defensive NFL picks. Statistics are available to keep you on top of the game.

One stat you will want to consider is how well your team or player did last season. You may even look back at the last couple of year’s worth of stats. This can show any upswing or lag in overall performances. Don’t forget to factor in any player changes that may have occurred over the off season. If there were not many changes in the lineup, the stats may not change much either. This can be an invaluable tool when choosing football picks.

Injuries are also something that has to be considered when making your NFL picks. Each injury is different and the length of recovery must be taken into consideration. Minor injuries that will not take the player out of the game more than a week or two are less damaging than an injury that requires surgery to heal.